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Original GM Ignition System Parts

GM Ignition Systems: Powering Reliable Performance

The ignition system in your GM vehicle is responsible for starting the engine and providing the spark necessary for combustion. It consists of various components working together to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders. Key components include the ignition coil, spark plugs, distributor, and ignition switch.

Signs of Ignition System Problems

A faulty ignition system can cause various issues that affect the performance and drivability of your GM vehicle. Common signs of ignition system problems include:

  • Difficulty starting the engine or frequent stalling
  • Engine misfires, hesitation, or rough idling
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Loss of power or acceleration
  • Increased emissions

Why Choose OEM Ignition System Replacements?

When it comes to replacing ignition system components, it is highly recommended to choose OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. OEM parts are specifically designed and engineered to meet the high standards set by GM. They offer a perfect fit, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and reliability.

By opting for OEM replacements, you can have confidence in the quality and compatibility of the parts. GM ignition system components are built to withstand the demanding conditions of your vehicle, providing reliable ignition and smooth engine operation. They are also backed by warranty coverage, offering peace of mind for your investment.

Common GM Models with Ignition System Issues

While ignition system problems can occur in any vehicle, some GM models have been known to experience specific issues. Common GM models that may encounter ignition system problems include the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Impala, and Buick Enclave. If you own any of these models and notice signs of ignition system issues, prompt action is recommended to prevent further damage.

Shop Genuine GM Ignition System Components

At the GM Parts Store, we offer a wide selection of genuine GM ignition system components to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Our online store provides a convenient and secure shopping experience, allowing you to browse our inventory and find the right ignition system parts for your specific GM model. You not only have the chance to save up to 35% off the MSRP on GM engine parts, but you can have your parts shipped directly to your door, anywhere in the country! Have questions? Reach out on our contact page for assistance.

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