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Where Luxury Meets Design

Cadillac believes that to date greatly is to never stop driving the world forward. Through innovators, trailblazers, and pioneers, Cadillac is inspired in everything they do. With great luxury comes great design. Cadillac models provide spacious and comfortable interior with a dynamic platform adapting to each driver's needs. With Cadillac craftsmanship, luxury and design go hand in hand. General Motors made one of the greatest decision's when the company bought Cadillac in the early 1900's. Cadillac, America's leading luxury automaker, provide a classic sense of luxury along with impeccable design. While retaining it's reputation for luxury and innovation, Cadillac continues to design inspirational models. Cadillac vehicles are engineered with perfection in mind. From the exterior body style to the luxurious interior, every inch is detailed with Cadillac's unique design.

2018 XTS Joins the New Generation of Cadillac

With Cadillac's 2018 XTS, the new, innovative features do not go unnoticed. Enhanced technology features upgrade the next-generation Cadillac user experience; the improved chassis provides for even greater ride comfort; the freshened front and rear appearance bring the Cadillac look up to yet another level. The Cadillac XTS is a spacious and comfortable sedan with confident handling and performance. To heighten the appeal of the chic sedan, Cadillac increased the technology capabilities, chassis and appearance. Connect to your smartphone with the new Cadillac experience.The new, updated chassis allows for a more comfortable ride in your brand new Cadillac XTS. For those who are ready to take it up an extra level, Cadillac designed the XTS Platinum V-Sport, which takes your vehicle's performance to an even higher level.

Cadillac V-Series Performance

Every Cadillac is dedicated to innovation, performance and craftsmanship. When it comes to V-Series performance, Cadillac commands the road and track. The ATS-V can launch from 0 to 60 quicker than you can read this sentence. What Cadillac gained in performance only emphasized what it gained in comfort. Cadillac V-Series brings powerful performance to your every day commute. Cadillac V-Series dominated every inch of the road with it's magnetic ride control. From acceleration to braking, the V-Series standards are the highest. With even more responsive stops, the Cadillac V-Series is designed for powerful, industry leading braking, every time. 

Every Cadillac is dedicated to Craftsmanship

Cadillac is designed with skillfully crafted interiors to pair the beautiful with the technical. Comfort comes second to none with the Cadillac lineup. Every Cadillac is designed for maximum user comfort and experience with carefully curated style and comfort with every stitch. Premium seating designed with sueded microfiber will hold you firmly in your seat during high-performance driving. Inside every Cadillac model is unique, exotic natural wood accents, creating natural beauty with calming aesthetics. Hand-inspected and hand-assembled, Cadillac's interior craftsmanship is the only full-line manufacturer to use this cut and sewn method on every vehicle. 

Better Driving Experience Starts with Innovation

Cadillac revealed it's best in class super cruise technology as the world's first true hands-free driving system for the freeway. Along with new, advanced technology, Cadillac also prioritizes safety as it's technology with human sensibility. From cameras to ultrasonic sensors, your Cadillac will scan the road to keep you safer while you drive. Four of the newest safety technologies include front pedestrian braking, automatic part assist, enhanced night vision, and lane keep assist. You may have heard of these amazing features, but have you ever experienced them? Once you experience the Cadillac way, you'll never turn back. Forget your smart phone charger? Not a problem. Every Cadillac features Wireless Charging. Plus, Cadillac features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, allowing you to stay connected while on the road.