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Heating Systems | GM Heating Systems

Living in cold climates, you’ll notice quickly if your cabin heating system is not warming up fast enough or getting hot enough. There are other warning signs you can watch and smell for too including a musty smell when the heating system is turned on, the vehicle’s temperature gauge dips into the red, and steam or unusual smells coming from the engine. Your comfort level while driving may well be an indicator that bigger problems are brewing in the engine. The cabin’s heating system is connected to the engine’s cooling system so, if a component fails in that system, you may notice it in the cabin temperature.

Low coolant is the easiest problem to check and fix. While you’re investigating the engine and cabin cooling systems, keep an eye for coolant leaks from burst or corroded hoses. The heater core might also be dirty and clogged and need replacing. In most GM vehicles this is a fairly simple DIY project and could save you on costly shop repairs. A coolant flush and fill is always recommended after a heater core replacement to keep the new core from clogging with the existing contaminants in the system. A damaged thermostat may lock the temperature into the open position causing the engine to run too cold or the closed position and could damage the engine by overheating. It’s vital to assess a cabin heating system problem quickly to avoid further damage to your engine.

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