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Here at GM Parts Now, we know a thing or two about serving the Los Angeles, CA area with car and truck parts. Like any other region, there are a number of different environmental and weather conditions that could weigh on your vehicle and its components. If you're living in California or taking a trip through the state, here are some things to keep in mind.

If you live near California's coast, watch for is salt water spray. In our home state of Michigan, we know that road salt can corrode critical car components, and the sea salt can have the same effect on your vehicle. The closer your car is to the ocean, the more likely you are to develop rust issues. You'll want to take a good look at the trunk, doors and hood to examine them for rust. If you're living very close to the beach, parking in a garage could help prevent salt damage. And if you do need a new bumper, door panel or any other component, be sure to visit our online auto parts store to get GM parts directly to your door. 

California isn't just beachfront property; it's actually one of the most diverse states when it comes to weather and geography. Some areas of California don't see much rain, which means that when it does finally pour it can take some drivers unaware. It's always a good idea to make sure that your tires, headlights and other critical car parts are in working order and ready to handle inclement weather.

Another hazard that may surprise drivers is ice on the roadways. Always make sure that you're keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and ensure that your car or truck parts, like brake components, are in working order. We offer many genuine GM parts, including brake components, on our website. 

No matter where you are in California, one integral car part you must keep an eye on is your vehicle's battery. The colder winter months in northern California could pose a problem for your battery. Similarly, the hot weather can also adversely affect it. For the typical car battery, the optimal operating temperature is usually around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, if you've been to Los Angeles or even farther south, you know that many summer days are going to exceed that temperature. This heat can also affect fluid levels and your air conditioning system. Monitor both closely, especially if you're about to take a long trip. You don't want your A/C failing you on a drive through southern California! 

California's diverse array of weather and road conditions can be tough on your vehicle, but these few tips can help keep your car running smoothly. And if something does go wrong, rest assured, GM Parts Now is here to help with the best car accessories and replacement parts in the business. 

California-car-parts-onlineSee what our California customers have to say about us! 

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"As far as I'm concerned, I will always use GMPartsNow to order my parts for my GMC. I have no reason to use anyone else. You guys are superb at customer service. You just got yourself a customer for life. You are the best." - Michael from Los Angeles, California 

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"I am very happy with the product and happy for the personal attention to my order" - William from Bell Gardens, California