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Here at GM Parts Now, we know all about serving Texas with Genuine GM car and truck parts and accessories at low prices. From Houston to Dallas to San Antonio and more, GM Parts Now parts and accessories are all across the state of Texas. With great shipping and handling rates, GM parts and accessories are shipping fast at a low cost directly to your door. Get GM parts directly to your door by shopping parts now

We're no strangers to the unique challenges that drivers can find themselves facing. Sometimes we don't realize what the Texas heat can do to their vehicle and its individual components. If you're living in Texas or even just driving through, it's a good idea to brush up on how the area's unique weather conditions could affect your vehicle. 

We're located in Grand Rapids, MI, where the summers aren't quite as brutal as the ones in Dallas or Houston, TX, but that doesn't mean we don't have a good idea about what kind of car parts can fail during a heat wave. Surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits is actually your vehicle's battery. This comes as a shock to some people because we normally associate a failing car battery with frigid winter weather, but the harsh heat of summer can really wear a battery down and shorten its lifespan. This is because your battery has liquid inside of it and high temperatures can cause that liquid to evaporate. For many batteries, the ideal operating temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And anyone who's been to Dallas, TX can tell you that the temperature on most summer days is going to top that easily.

If the liquid in your battery is evaporating in the heat, then you probably know what else you need to watch for. Other fluids that lubricate the engine could also start to evaporate, which means that you're at an increased risk of damaging critical engine components. In prolonged periods of hot weather, it's a good idea to occasionally check fluid levels (something that you could learn to do on your own) and make sure that your car is handling the heat well. The hot weather can also be rough on your A/C system and tires, and you'll want to be on the lookout for early warning signs. With an air conditioning system, it's far less costly to fix a problem early on instead of waiting for things to get worse. At least you know that if you do need to replace a component you can find the best genuine GM parts in our online store!

Whether you're looking for the newest Cadillac accessories or a replacement for a crucial component, we have got you covered. In our time serving the Dallas, TX area, we've learned just how important it is to keep track of how your car parts are performing in hot weather. Stay safe out on the road, stick to a proper maintenance schedule, and if you do have any sort of problem, give us a call or shop at your favorite online auto parts store

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"I have never experienced service so great from any other internet provider and their representatives. From knowledge of product, response time, price, every aspect was simply fantastic. Its such a pleasure to find this quality of service in today's world." - James from Texas

"There are many GM Parts websites and I like yours the best... You actually have a phone number someone can call and your representatives actually respond if they see a problem or have questions. The customer service is outstanding." - Martha from Texas

"Excellent support! I appreciate that I was notified that the part I ordered was wrong. Thank you, GM Parts Now! I was impressed by the follow-up by both gentlemen. Thanks!" - Genia from Texas